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All About School №137

Please contact us to the following address:
E-mail: school137@list.ru
Phone/ fax: +7 (812) 555-29-17
8/2 Vavilovyh Street
Kalininsky District

  The school has been working since 1975.

  Man’ko Sergey Alekseevich is the head of the school. Не received the title “The First Grade of Pedagogical Sciences” and now teaches Science of Low and Social Science.

  Alekseeva Lyubov Victorovna is the deputy director and she is responsible for educational policies of the school. She also received the title “The First Grade of Pedagogical Sciences”. She works as a teacher of Chemistry and Natural Science as well.

  The management of the school is carried out by the pedagogical and administrative councils with the director at the head.

  At present there are 30 teachers dealing with educational programmes and projects at school. More then 60% out of them are highly qualified specialists in their field of activities.

  400 schoolchildren study at our school today. 44 pupils finished it with "gold" and "silver" medals.

  Psychological and social support is also provided for those in need.

  Our teachers are active participants in any kind of competitions held on the local, regional and national levels.

  For having received meaningful and productive results in the field of educational and outdoor school activities several teachers have been recognized as “Excellent Teachers of the Russian Federation”. Some of them were also honored by the Ministry of Educational of the Russian Federation.

  Nowadays various educational projects are available at school. The school provides an extensive list of various forms of activities such as additional courses on subjects, outdoor class activities, excursions, visiting theatres and museums of the city, making presentations and reports at conferences, “Open door” days, inviting lecturers on different issues and many other good ideas. It should be noted all these kinds of activities and educational projects are realized within the framework of standard curriculum stated at comprehensive schools.

  Here is the list of peculiarities of educational programmes realized at our school.

  • English has been taught since the second form;
  • “Environment” is taught as an interdisciplinary subject;
  • Educational programme on mathematics is focused on improving children’s skills on the subject;
  • “The History and Culture of St.Petersburg” is studied as a subject;
  • Natural Science as a subject is taught in the fifth and sixth forms;
  • In the 8th form schoolchildren start learning "information and Computer technology";
  • There are also additional courses on Economics, Russian, Mathematics, Environment, Physics, History of Russia and English.

  The work of teachers’ staff at our school is aimed at creating conscious, intelligent and understanding persons with a wide scope of knowledge, culture and interests.

  With great success our school cooperates with the following organizations such as:

  • “Rantasalmi Institute of Environmental Education” (POB 41, 58901 Rantasalmi, Finland);
  • “International Fund of Animal Rights Protection”, Russian Representation (IFAW);
  • “The Baltic Nature Fund”, Regional Society Organization patronized by St.Petersburg University;
  • “The Baltic Sea Friends”, the youth environmental organization;
  • “Federation of Environmental Education” SPB APPO;
  • “St.Petersburg Society Organization to Promote Environmental education” (ОСЭКО) patronized by “Vodokanal”, St.Petersburg;